Monday, May 8, 2023

Managing and Budgeting my Money

Now that WHO (World Health Organization already declared the end of Covid-19 global health emergency, I feel somewhat relieved and very thankful. Although there are still cases in some parts of the world and in our country, covid has now simply became part of our lives. For the past years, especially the year 2020 till end of 2021, almost all of us struggled financially. It was tough.. really tough! 

Many lost lives, jobs and businesses. I for one suffered closure of our small business for roughly 2 years. Our finances during that time has almost reached rock bottom but we are still thankful that we survived.  

In those times, having some money at the bank became a saving grace. With little cash on our hand, we simply can’t afford to splurge on things that we don’t really need. The focus during those days were food, medicines and bills. The capacity to buy personal things like clothes and shoes is non-existent because going out of the house is limited and obviously it is not needed. Getting those material things during that time is not acceptable and not important.  

Now that the world is back to normal (somehow), businesses and people are also back to work, it’s now time to work hard again for the family. Providing the daily needs of a family, creating a budget and making sure our finances are balanced can be daunting. Surely anyone will find it challenging but we need to focus in order for us to achieve our goal for our family. 

Managing money and carrying our financial plans for the family are a must. Here are few things that helped me a lot these days. 


These days, we need to think new ways to earn more money. Aside from selling graphics online, I was able to sell other things (merch) online and also have passive income by creating content on Youtube and on Tiktok. 


Eventhough I have several ways to earn money, I have to budget so I can pay all the bills every month and still have for grocery and market. Sometimes it’s hard to budget but thankfully I have a good style in managing that. 


I know it’s pretty tough to save occasionally but I have to. Once I have paid all the bills and bought the essential needs for our home, it’s time for me to save what is left on my wallet. Doing so, I’ll create extra fund for medical emergency and can even allocate some for travel or for a special treat for myself. Buying bags and shoes are my weakness but I have to slowed down on my purchases. Eating out on restaurants is actually not my fave so I guess I’ve been saving quite a good portion of my money on this part.  

I know that not everyone has good financial standings and one of the ways for them to survive is to borrow money. There are actually short-term financial solutions and you can get the cash you need online.

For people who have been struggling with bad credit, it is still possible to get a loan that you need that can be tailored on your capacity to pay. The good thing is that there are many online sites that you can peruse and get more ideas and tips on how they can help you financially. 

Doing some research and asking more information about loans and other stuff are very helpful in your financial strategies and decisions. Just make sure that the financial company that you’ll be engaging with is legit to avoid any scam or problem to arise. Do the research and from there you can review the pros and cons of getting one. Asking a friend who have a good head about financing or a financial adviser to get more advice and this eventually can lead you to a wiser decision.

Friday, August 26, 2022

Almost Lost this Blog.. Yay!

It was about 4 days ago when I saw this blog down. I was worried a bit and was thinking what could have gone wrong. My other blogs with the same domain name server company were up and running so that made me sad. This is what it looks like. 

This is my very 1st domain blog since 2007 and I can’t afford to lose it, I hurriedly went to check on the dashboard to see what had happened. Checked on my domain host server1and1 (now ionos) dashboard to see what might have happened. To tell you honestly, I don’t have much knowledge about redirecting blogs, etc. so I just google searched. Did some few tweaks on my blog and nothing much happened. 

For a while, I disconnected the redirecting of my domain to my blogger blog then putting it back hoping it will work. Can’t seem to redirect it very well, and I was in the brink of calling ionos for help. I disconnected again overnight to refresh all the settings. I am about to give up because I really don’t know what to do eventhough I already saw a tutorial on how to redirect it again. My blog is up but the posts are not showing, so weird and I reckon I need to do some tweaking more. Here's what it looks like :( 

Just last night, I gave it a try again, and it seems that I forgot to put a CNAME on my subdomain that will redirect to google. I set it up and wow, I woke up this morning my blog is back again! Though it will not appear when there is no www but I’m still happy that it is back.  After few hours, when i looked it up again, the problem still exists.., I guess the redirection is still on the propagation process and now it's back again.

Hope the problem will not arise again especially on my other blogs. Ahhh.. thanks to my persistence in trying to save this blog 😊. I’m happy now!

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

14 Years Blog Anniversary!

This is the time to celebrate! I can't believe it , this blog of mine is  already 14 years old and counting since January of 2017!!! And what makes it more special is that this is my VERY FIRST DOMAIN BLOG! 

 I first started blogging in 2005  using BRAVEJOURNAL.COM but sad to say that it was already deleted since its revamped. A premium account is needed to save it but it's not my priority to upgrade at that time. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to backup or saved some of my earlier blog entries so that makes me sad.

To date I've been blogging for the last 17 years now and counting though I'm not that active anymore like the days when I first started.

My very 1st post in this blog A SLICE OF LIFE.

Hooray.. here's to more blogging years!!! I also ventured into another format VLOGGING in youtube

Thursday, January 27, 2022


The shapewear lingerie, called "flat stomach", supports your body and shapes it thanks to its constant compression on your abdominals. By sheathing your body, it highlights your advantageous curves and conceals your few unsightly and unwanted flaws. So, using a slimming girdle is very useful if you want to reshape your body quickly. In addition, you must know how to use your slimming underwear to get the best results from it. In addition, you can wear your slimming belt during your sports exercises to increase the effects. This is because the slimming sleeve, for example, increases the body's perspiration during physical activity, in order to eliminate unwanted fats and toxins. By wearing this pantyhose, your body will sweat more than usual. Thus, if you combine the effects of this underwear with those of sport, you will be able to observe a strong sweating of your body, which will allow you to burn a maximum of calories!

Get ready to look in the mirror and love yourself like you've never done before, all thanks to our large and beautiful collection of shapewear! We are waiting for you!


First, tune in with yourself. What parts of your body do you want to lose weight? You can, for example, sublimate your hips, your stomach, your love handles etc ... by compressing them with your slimming sleeve. 

If you ant to lose weight while highlighting your buttocks, opt instead for a sculpting panty or a slimming shorty.

Conversely, you want to highlight your breasts, who is your main beauty ally? Instead, opt for a push-up bra. These bras are often made with adjustable straps and hooks, ideal for achieving real body support.

Do you want to lose weight? Choose the best shapewear for tummy and waist, the underwear made for you!

Finally, if you want to slim down the entire bust, opt for a slimming bodysuit! In any case, you will find slimming underwear made for the areas of your body that you want to lose weight.

If you have chosen which underwear you want to buy, all you have to do is choose the right size. Indeed, choosing the right size is essential, and for this, you can refer to the size guides available on Sculptshe that offers slimming underwear for sale. The main thing is that you fit well in your underwear, that it is neither too big nor too small, at the risk of not getting any of the effects you expected.

The most important criterion when purchasing a slimming sleeve is your comfort in it. Indeed, you should feel comfortable in your underwear, which is why the choice of material is important. Thus, it is crucial that you choose a fabric that is comfortable to wear, but also elastic and stretchy, which will ensure you a perfect covering, and will allow you to more easily evacuate the excessive sweat produced by your body.

Materials such as latex, neoprene, elastane and cotton are the main materials to choose when buying a waist trainer vest.

Now you know everything there is to know to use a slimming sleeve correctly. All you have to do is go to shopping for your underwear, and wait for the results to come to you. Keep in mind that it is crucial that you take charge of yourself, and that you love yourself, from now on. You have nothing to lose, so get a slimming girdle now and gain confidence while losing weight.

Saturday, May 1, 2021

From Blogging to Vlogging

 Wow, life has been so busy for me these past few days and years that I wasn't able to post anything here. There are many things that happened in the last years and as we all know we are in a state of Pandemic since last year 2020. Covid-19 started in Dec 2019 in Wuhan China and rapidly spread all over the world. Right now, our country is still coping to eradicate this deadly virus. There are many health protocols that we need to comply like wearing mask, face shield all the time when we go out. Social distancing, frequent washing of hands and even sanitizing with alcohol is a must as well.

2020 is a very difficult year for most of us, we are all quarantined and stuck in our houses for many days so that virus will not spread rapidly. With nothing to do, I became a plant mom and also have tried baking but oh dear my heart is not for them.

Since youtube is very popular and with nothing much to do, I revived my sleeping Youtube channel and it was on June 13, 2020 that posted a video of me reviewing a hand mixer that I bought for my baking journey. My Youtube channel is TITA JEN . I vlog about shopping, product review, some travel videos and food.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

3 Unconventional Vacation Ideas – Travel Abroad with a Twist

Bored of the same road trip to the parent’s trailer on the coast? Tired of sitting at home on the games console? We’ve provided some ideas to spice up that fortnight vacation. Depending on the season, this could be your time to truly shine.

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Survive in Alaska
Many Alaskans live there because they say it is the last place in the world where they can live how they want off the land. And what beautiful country it is, though locals will be the first to tell you that it isn’t for everyone, with a harsh climate and subsistence living using the wild resources around them.

With this way of life, the dollar bill isn’t as important as how sharp your axe is, yet it is still a necessary part of their lives. This is where you, the tourist can come in. Some Alaskans are providing accommodation and teaching time to give keen learners a chance to get a taste of what it is to truly survive. Sleep and hunt in below freezing temperatures, making sure you have enough wood to keep you going through the night to survive. It’s a vacation not for the faint of heart.

Beauty and the Beach

A lot of people go on vacation and come back glum and fatter. Cosmetic surgery vacations are becoming more mainstream, but it is still seen by many as something risky, or perhaps something rich people would do. However, depending on your vacation preferences, recovering for a few days by a pool might be a pastime you would do anyway, and having a bonus of feeling better about your body when you get back home might suddenly seem more appealing.

Thailand has really been making itself a name for leading experts in cosmetic enhancement over the last couple of decades. Package vacations can be bought from companies for an all-inclusive experience, or maybe you want to shop around and buy things separately. For instance, one example of a procedure that can be procured, fat transfer to breast Thailand price can be around 180,000 Baht. Factor in recovery time at a hotel and flights, and you might start to think maybe this is the vacation for you after all.

Save a Species
Meaningful volunteer vacations can be so rewarding with the proper research. Once you know the money is going to the right places, and your time isn’t preventing a local from getting paid work, you know you will be on to a winner. They don’t necessarily give you comfort or luxury, but what you gain from the experience is immeasurable, and priceless. Charities and organizations such as Tortuga Feliz in Costa Rica give paying clients a chance to live on an electricity free island and walk the beaches for turtle eggs, saving them before poachers steal them to sell on.

By thinking outside the box, you can ensure you will be putting your hard-earned cash into making memories with the trip of a lifetime.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Gorgeous Wedding Kicks For An Unconventional Bride

 When you think of kicks, you might assume it just means Nike's or Converse, but there are many different variations. Kicks were originally used as a slang term for shoes, but nowadays, it can also generally mean any lace-up style of shoe.

Not all brides want to wear uncomfortable stilettos and end up not enjoying their wedding day after being left limping in pain, and there is definitely room for out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to bridal shoes. If you're thinking about alternative bridal shoe choices that are comfortable to boot, kicks might just be what you've been looking for!

Jazz 'em Up!
If you want to wear a pair of kicks or sneakers for your bridal shoes, but want them to be girlier, the DIY route might be your best bet. It's not only going to be a fun little project, but you might find it easier than you think!

The first place to begin is to find a plain pair of white sneakers that are comfortable and good quality but won't break the bank. Get yourself to a craft store, and have fun! Satin ribbon, rhinestones, glue, and some charming buckles, will get you creating something unique, cute and girly in no time!

Simply Sparkling
If DIY isn't your thing, but you still want girly bridal shoes to go with your wedding dress, you can look at some sparkly kicks instead. These will look amazing as bridal shoes as they are distinctive enough to be different but follow the conventional bridal shoe route as well.

Imagine lifting up your wedding dress to have your new husband slip on that garter only for your guests to see these endearing little things! They will not only set you apart from other brides, but you'll be comfortable while it's all going on - bonus!

Unconventional Color
When you think about it, who says you have to have white bridal shoes to go with your white wedding dress? If you love a particular color and want it incorporated into your wedding outfit, kicks might be just the way to do it!

You could get a pair of blue Converse for your "something blue" or go for a pair of kicks in a rainbow color - it's really your choice! If you're going to wear a colorful pair of kicks, you can even tie in the color with earrings or a bracelet. Weddings are supposed to be fun so why not just wear what you want and flout boring conventions!

His & Her Kicks
A wedding day isn't just about the beautiful bride and her wedding dress - it's also about the groom. The bride and groom both wearing kicks could be anadorable way to partially coordinate wedding outfits.

Wearing kicks with the back embroidered with terms such as "Bride" and "Groom,""Wife" and "Hubby" or your wedding date are a few delightful ways you could do this. It also creates an opportunity for some really original wedding photo poses!

Monday, May 28, 2018

False Negative Pregnancy Test

Wrong pregnancy test outcomes do happen, and actually false negatives are more basic than false positives. Be that as it may, it’s likewise critical to say that this shouldn’t provide you false hope. A negative pregnancy test is still destined to mean you’re not pregnant. On the other hand, there’s a chance you may be correct.

In the events you think you’re pregnant, however the pregnancy test is negative, there may be a few reasons behind the whole scenario:

Explanations behind a false negative pregnancy test
Home pregnancy tests measure a particular hormone in the urine called human chorionic gonadotrophin (hcg), which is just present when a lady is pregnant, HcgIt’s created when the fertilized egg embeds in the womb.


Some pregnancy tests are more accurate than others to this hormone while detecting hcg just days after missing your monthly periods, however a few tests don’t generally discover hcg levels too early after missing the periods. Consequently, most brand kits recommend rehashing the test in a couple of days. Research shows that many women get faulty results 9 days after their last missed period.

It’s the wrong time of day
Be mindful that the timing of the urine specimen can have an impact. It’s most exact to test first thing in the morning, so dependably attempt with your first morning urine (FMU as it’s called). This is the point at which the hcg hormone is thick and can be easily detected.

The urine is too diluted
Don’t drink heaps of water or different fluids in the couple of hours before testing, as this will weaken your urine. Fluids dilute the urine, making hcg level down. Before using your test stick it advisable to hold longer before drinking water.


Faulty Technique used
It is conceivable that there was a specialized explanation behind a false negative. Numerous tests have particular guidelines on the best way to utilize the indicator. The tests additionally oblige a certain measure of urine to give the most exact result. On the off chance that there was insufficient urine present to conduct the test or you didn’t hold the test strip long enough in the narrow stream, you may get a false negative result. It’s exceptionally paramount to follow the instructions laid out in the guidelines, since the test was intended to be more dependable accurate when used properly.
Obviously, there is a minimal chance you’re not yet pregnant

The test may have demonstrated a negative result on the grounds that you’re not really pregnant. In case you’ve missed your period and encountering pregnancy side effects, yet have a negative pregnancy test outcome, approach your doctor for a blood test to check your hormone levels, which ought to help to clear up the circumstances.

Incidentally, you may get an extremely faint thin line on your pregnancy test, which might be hard to translate. A pregnancy test should be exercised accurately with the right test kits ensuring you follow the guideline for better results.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Finding a Reliable Car

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These days, owning a car or a vehicle is not a luxury anymore but a necessity. Going to one place to another with the family without a vehicle can be a disadvantage. Commuting by riding a train or bus with kids in tow can really be a discomfort. Therefore, if you can why not save through the years so you can purchase a car for your family.  You’ll soon realize that it can be one of the best investments that you can ever had.

If you are ready to purchase your dream car, you must need to do your research first and think what your family really need. Do you want a car, mini van, a truck maybe? The choice is up to you and it will all depend on your needs and usage.

Finding a reliable car can be simple; you can start by perusing online. Check out the various car brands like Toyota, Dodge, Kia, BMW, and Jeep just to name a few. Then car models will greatly depend on you, if you want something for the family then a van is a great choice, sports car for those that want to show off or want some speed. A small family can settle for a nice family car. It’s up to you.

Reviews about a certain car are also helpful and they can aid you in your future purchase. Also, ask from your friends or relatives about their current vehicle and see if they will match your wants on a car. Good luck in your search and hoping you’ll make a good and wise decision.

If it was me, I’d love to have this 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport. Nice isn't it?

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Ferberization at a Glance

Sleepless nights. Nightly tantrums. Groggy mornings. Do any of these sound familiar? For a lot of new parents, this is the story of their lives for the first year of their baby’s birth. But these issues can be addressed and resolved by initiating the Ferber Method...well, according to some parents. Ferberization or the Ferber method is sleep resolution training technique for infants that are 5 months and above.

The Ferber method relies on a few key principles which include; 

Alone Time: This is the period of time when the infant is left alone in the room. Some or a lot of crying is expected when the baby is left alone. The length of time starts at 5 minutes for the first 3 days then increases by 5 minutes every night until the baby assimilates the training.

Check in time: This is the short length of time when the parent can check in on the baby and offer some comfort. The parent may choose to sing a lullaby to give the baby reassurance of not being abandoned.

It’s also best to make sure the infant is comfortable by feeding him and keeping the environment free from distress-causing factors. It is also suggested that the lights are put out and a night light used instead.

It’s easy to throw in the towel after a few nights but persistence, as Dr.Ferber thinks,is the key. Endeavour to seek the permission of a pediatrician before practicing the Ferber Method

For more information on the Ferber Method, refer to the infographic below from