Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thanks to Facebook

I never thought I'd join Facebook, a social networking site. I've been invited and asked by my friends to join but I'm keeping myself away from it because I thought I'd be addicted to the games as well. Just about a month ago, I could no longer escape the temptation so, I finally Fortunately I don;t have time and desire to play games there.

It was a nice to add friends, I only add people whom I know and only allow my photos and other info be seen only by my friends. It became already a daily routine to check on my profile and my wall for some updates.

I got so thrilled and I became giddy when a former college friend message me. We've been exchanging messages now and hopefully fill the communication gap that we had. I think it was about 15 or so years that we have no contact at all, so I was so happy when she found me at Facebook. I'm hoping to find my other friends in college because I've already reconnected with my highschool friends. Thanks to Facebook, my long lost friend found me.

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