Monday, March 29, 2010

I Missed the Fun

Zanne and Kaje texted me yesterday for a possible meet up today. I replied I'll try because I'm in pain and not feeling so well.

This morning I still feel crap and having a bad day. My hormones are acting up and I felt so sluggish and so lazy to go out. I didn't have the energy and the will to go out so I texted them that I could not make it and I hope they understand that. I think they went to Greenhills for shopping, ahhh I missed this opportunity. I was hoping that I'll buy a nice blouse and a sandals that I saw once in one of the op displays in the tiangge at the center mall. I also believe they will eat at Conti's and will go shopping at Trinoma. I really missed the fun and the time with these 2 online friends turned real friends.

I just hope they'll be next time and I hope that my hormones will not be jumbled once again just like today so that I can come next time. I know I'm a kill joy today but what can I do when my body is just not cooperating with me :(.

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