Monday, March 29, 2010

No Net at Home :(

Ok, I'm getting piqued right now. Sorry for feeling this way because it's been almost 3 days that we have no net connection at home. I called Smart Bro technical support already last night and it was pinpointed that the base station and my antenna are working good but still I have no net connection.

The tech support asked me to isolate my connection from the router and tole me to connect it directly to my laptop. She instructed me some things to do but later on the there's still NO NET. I was so tired plugging, unplugging, and restarting my laptop hoping the connection will come back again but still nothing happened.

I asked the tech support of what is really the problem but she can't tell me exactly and she only asked me to monitor the connection if it will come back for 24 hours. Wow 24hours?!! Must be kidding! Right now, we still have no connection at home, lucky me I have net here at my store or else I've gone crazy hehe...

If tomorrow morning, if the service is not yet back I have not option but to bombard the tech support again with my calls. Arrghhh... no net connection feels like half of my body is!

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