Sunday, March 14, 2010

Net Cafe Maintenance

I have this net cafe business for about 3 years now and I can't say that it's a lucrative business on my experience because our profit is just break even. My net cafe is purely for net rentals or chat only as I don;t have network gaming. I want it that way. The only problem that I'm having is when the computers are breaking down, I sometimes need to troubleshoot it myself to spare me from paying my technician. Fortunately there are times I was able t fix them but when the trouble is big, I just send it to my trusted technician.

I also need to upgrade the headset most of the times because it is usually the ones breaking easily due to constant use. I'm glad that I don;t need to replace some of the cables, router and the network switch yet. I just envy a friend who has a net cafe because he knows how to repair his own network pc and he has this KVM switch that can control several computers. He does it good bec. he is a certified computer technician.

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