Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Shielded Wallets

Oh how I hate to go shopping in too crowded malls or tiangge or during big sale for there are lots of pickpockets and con-artists roaming around. Don’t let your bags open or exposed because you’ll end up with no more wallets or money. Pickpockets are very fast and clever as they know how to get your wallets in a speed of light so shoppers need to be more alert and conscious of their bags and belongings. It’s really hard to trust people these days, you know and it’s sad.

Not only pickpockets are getting smarter every day, just think about those hi-tech crooks that can rob you with your personal details via your credit cards. You see, some credit cards have this small  rfid (radio frequency identification) chip where your personal details can be read. Would you believe that they can be read even if your card is in your bag or wallet? Amazing huh? It's good to know that there are now shielded wallets that can be purchased. These wallets can block the rfid from being read.

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