Friday, February 10, 2012

Time to Renew Our Passports

My mom's passport expired last Nov. 2011 and mine will expire this June 2012. Since we are planning an overseas tour soon, we need to renew our passports already. I'm not excited going to the DFA Aseana building because it's very far from our place. Going there means it'll eat half or 3/4 of my day because of the traffic and of course the processing time. I heard that DFA will open new offices at SM malls this month but I can't wait for it anymore so I have no choice but to renew our passports asap.

I already set an appointment online at DFA's website and it's good to know that setting an appointment is quite easy already. There's no need to wait for weeks and weeks to get an appointment. I will post the step-by step procedure on how we'll renew our passports by next week. It's my first time to go to DFA Aseana building and I heard it is spacious and can accommodate lots of applicants. It can be compared to other modern buildings of other country. I also heard about the good service of the DFA and that I have to experience yet.

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  1. I wish we were traveling overseas to do a tour. We are heading to Florida this year so you take what you can get.


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