Saturday, January 10, 2009

Local Movie Date

Hello everyone, it's been a busy new year for me here at my side and I guess that is a good thing to start the whole brand new year. Been busy with so many stuff that I rarely have time to blog and put updates here, sorry for that.

Anyway, last JAn, 2, my niece Kath and I went on a movie date at galleria and we watched a local movie that is included in the Manila Film Fest and it was "Tanging Ina Nyong Lahat and I was soooooo very disappointed bec. it was not good, to say it was corny.. hahah. I thought I will be laughing hard in the cinema but yay no (though there are few times that I chuckled). Yay, we should have seen a different movie, it was a waste of money.

After the movie we strolled the mall and there were lots of items still on sale,those were the items that were not sold during the holidays. Clothes, toys and even office furniture have sale signs but not many shoppers are there bec. holidays was just barely over. I am pretty sure their sales will pick up again in the next quarter of the year.

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