Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cold Spell

Brrrrr.... I am having a hard time getting out of my bed every morning bec. it was really cold or chilly every morning. It's been how many days now since the cold spell suddenly came in. It's always a cool month here every January but this year is really so different, it was too cold and windy even at lunch time. You could see many people wearing jackets esp.old folks and that includes my mom, the whole day she is wearing a jacket bec. at 20C it will be cold enough for her. Imagine we are used to 30-33C most of the year then we will experience a sudden drop of temp. so there's no doubt that we will all chill.

Every night when I go home from work, it will be cold and windy so I see to it that I will bring a jacket with me bec. I will still commute before I reach home. Hahaha , today I brought along the Abercrombie fleece jacket with hood that I used in Australia so tonight I will be kept warm when I go home. Every night, after dinner it's the best time sip my coffee, open the TV which is mounted on my tv stand and watch my fave reality TV show. Ahhh I hope it will not be too cold and windy tonight or my hands will surely be frozen.. lol

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