Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Web Hosting

I reckon every one of us who has a domain site or blog would love to have a good webhost that is reliable and would not give us a headache esp. when our site is down. I once experienced my blog being down for a short period of time with my current webhost and I am so worried and stressed during that time. Luckily I have not experience it again for a long time now. I guess I am not the only one who has experienced down webhost, it looks like Kaushal Sheth, a web designer and wordpress theme maker is not lucky with his webhost right now. I just read in his site that after experiencing such he managed to research for the best web hosting that he could possibly found online. He was able to scour the net and he was generous enough to share with us his good finds. He has enumerated quite a few web hosts that he thinks are not only reliable but also cheap and with good reputation and customer service support.

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