Monday, March 17, 2008

Tying the knot

Hmmm.... not me yet. Oh well how many times I have been asked “When will you get marry?”, “Are you getting married?” Why are you not married yet?”. Wow sometimes I got irritated over those questions already as they are not music to my ears anymore, hehehe. Seriously, it is annoying at times but what can I can do people are really nosy at times esp. to those people who are not married yet esp. at my age (don’t ask how old hehe). I firmly believe that marriage is a sacred vow and should be taken seriously and with a lot of thinking. It’s not that I don’t want to get married, I do actually but that’s my fate I guess. Oh I think I need not elaborate on this one. 

Anyway, many women dreamed of tying the knot and having their own family. I have lots of friends who are married and have kids and living they are actually enjoying it. I even had the chance to make a wedding invitation for a friend and for my sister and help them in making their wedding favors. Now you don't have to do it yourself bec. there are about hundreds of wedding favors that a couple can think of but of course every bride and groom want to have their own unique wedding favors for their special guests.

I have attended lots of weddings from my sisters and bros, to my cousins and friends. Just love to see couples in love getting married. What makes any wedding more special are the favors that you can give to their guests. I for one love getting favors like candle wedding favors, soaps, hearts, and more. These favors are easy to order now and have it personalized over online so couples will not have a hard time making their own. You can take a look at HQ wedding favors as they got vast collections to choose from. Trust me they are really nice.

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