Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Upcoming De La Hoya/Mayweather rematch

I cannot believe its coming around again, a rematch bet. Dela Hoya and Mayweather. My brother-in-lawhe thinks Oscar promoted his fight even though he lost but he made lots of money from the promotion of the fight. My bro in law watched their 1st bout via on pay TV and went on the full 12 rounds. But leading up to the fight there is a 6 week series on the training of these 2 fighters: how they train, what they ate, what they said, they did and it was an enthralling series and quite unique and he had never seen a building up fight like this before.

It is ironic that Dela Hoya also promotes MayWeather in his preceding fights. A ticket for their next bout would be a dream come true for my bro in law to see it in LA. There is no doubt that it’ll be a hot selling tickets in this coming match. Regardless of who wins in this fight both fighters are already good in this field. They have already proven themselves to the world. Bro-in-law is hoping to have a full 12-round and he has a soft spot for Dela Hoya, the Golden Boy.For boxing fans out there I know you’d be thrilled to watch this fight live on Sept. at Las Vegas so get your tickets

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