Thursday, February 8, 2007

Hair Disaster

I went to the spa last Sunday and had my hair colored (dark brown- almost black) and to have a Hair Spa. It was a relaxing afternoon for me. If my white hairs are not only coming out i would not want my hair to be colored bec. it will make my hair more dry and coarse.

After the coloring and hair spa, i decided to had my hair trimmed (layered). I told the haircutter to just cut the tip and not cut the other layer of my hair bec. my hair when dry will curl and become fluffy (buhaghag). My hair looks real good after the spa and the blow drying but the nightmare began after a day..

Gosh my hair looks more thicker and more unmanageable, i should have not let it cut by the hairdresser. She had my hair layered and with a very pointed tips not suited for the type of hair that i have. With my frustration over the result,I cut portions of my hair at the back and it looks a bit more ok than before..

The lesson: i will not have my hair cut anymore....LOL


  1. Oh..I had that same experiences before..Kasi naman yung ibang hairdresser hindi marunong..Kaya ako if I want my hair done kahit mahal ok lang:) Ang taas kasi hair ko Te Jen and makapal pa kaya mahirap pag hindi tama yung pagka-gawa:)

    Thanks for stopping by:)

  2. Hello TeJen! So sorry about this. Baka kailangan ng rebonding yan. Hehehe. Love your hair pa naman. Haaay! Wow ha, preparing for the grand EB ba yan?? :D
    Miss you ats!!

  3. rebonding?? naku ayoko Zanne takot ako baka lalong pumangit eh baka makalbo ko na sarili ko hahaha..
    wag kang maingay..oo for the EB ito kasi magaganda ang aatend so kailangan mag pa beauty ng konti hehehe


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