Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I'm Tagged !!

I was tagged by Nita, (thanks Nits) here are my answers.

5 things that you might not know about me...

1. I can put coffee on my rice and viand and can eat it (yuck for some but for me it's yummy lol)
2. I love to eat fried chicken, fish, pork bbq. if it is crispy or well cooked..
3. I hate it when someone borrowed things from me w/o any permission.
I can say i'm a good person but once you hurt me, the Scorpion sting in me will be unleashed, also i can forgive but never will i can forget the bad thing/s you have done to me.
5. I'm a reality TV show addict.

Now, i am tagging Suzanne, Ana P.S., MerryK, Cherry Rose


  1. ayaann! may nag tag na sa akiN! hehehe. na-miss ko rin gawin ang mga TAGay na to. lolz. :o) gagawin ko to pramis.

    te jen, about pala dun sa archive chuva sa bravejournal, i did it MANUALLY! @_@ kaloka to the max. it requires a lot of effort lalo na kung marami kang entries pero i started sa January 2007 entries lng and so on...


  2. Ahaha pareho din pala tayo sis Jen. Nung nasa Pinas pa ako mahilig din ako maghalo ng Milo sa rice ko at saka ulam ahehehe. Dati coffee but I quit 7 years ago na so Milo nalang kakampi ko hehe.

    Thanks for doing the tag!

  3. Oh yeah Cherry Rose..i will try kung uubra itong html na alam ko hahaha..oo nga isa isa rin yon ah..

    NITA, hindi ko yata kaya pag Milo na ihahalo ko sa kanin.. hehehe kakaiba rin yon sa iyo ah..

  4. I bought some traditional scrapping materials a long time ago. It's just setting under my desk. I was able to do one page. Oh boy! I don't have time for it. I'm a working Mom you know!
    Mag-ingat sila sa mga Scopions huh!

  5. Hi Jen! Thanks friend for the tag. Hehe. I finish it but I felt like I wasshowing my dark side. but anyway, the title is "what you dont know about me" right? Take care!

  6. Thanks for doing the tags friends !! Love reading them.

  7. Hi Jen, di ako nakapag comment dito, huli na ito pero ihahabol ko lang. May in common pala sa iyo si Rick, kasi he hates it when people just takes things without his permission. I've been through it sa kanya na when I took his sciscor without asking him, naku! he scolded me, pero the only thing is he wasn't home then, kaya sabi ko did I have to wait for you to ask you for it, nainis naman ako...LOL. Now, I try to ask na, saka pati sa food pag may kakainin ako...LOL. Okay, thanks for including me sa tagged peers mo dito. I had fun reading here.

  8. Ana, ang inis ako eh pag may humiram ng walang paalam tapos gagamitin ko na d ko makita yung pala d pa sinoli aba kaloka yon ha.. So alam n ng mga tao dit that i will get angry pag nawala mg agamit ko hahaha

  9. Hello Ats! Saw this some days ago pero di ko pa rin nagagawa. Hehehe. In all fairness, first time kong gagawin itong mga TAGay (to qoute Chikai). Sige, this weekend. Eeek, weekend na pala! Hehehe. Happy weekend!


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