Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Vacation Photos

These are photos of my sister and her family in Sydney when they had their grand vacation at an island (I forgot the name) at the Great Barrier Reef (yes where NEMO resides!) at Queensland, Aus. She said the island was so breathtaking, oh gosh I wish I was there to experience such pristine beauty. They stayed there for a week in January, after mom had her vacation in their house.

Oh I miss them so much and I would love to be there to spend another awesome vacation with them again. By just looking at the photo the place looks awesome!


  1. wow nice photos naman nakakaingit

  2. Hi Jen, I've been here some time ago, and I left a comment pero di ako naka get through, kaya di na post yong comments ko. Anyway, your sister's family looks great, ang laki na talaga ni Micah, dalagang dalaga na. Ang tall niya. Ok ah, regards lang ho ako sa inyo dyan. I hope all is well, thanks sa mga comments mo sa blog ko.


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