Sunday, February 18, 2007


Today is our Town Fiesta, actually i didn't invite anyone by older bro only had about 6 visitors and it is just like a family affair . They just cooked Hamonado, lumpiang shanghai, sweet and sour tilapia, calderetang manok, lumpiang sariwa. We also have green mangoes and bagoong, fresh fruits like melon and pineapple and also Fruit salad that i made which is ohh so yummy hhehe. (yabang 'no). But really it is so yummy.

Yesterday , the 17th there is a parade here and my sis inlaw and i even sold some iced wated and ice candy here in front of my store. We sold about 200 iced water and 80 ice candy plus some chichirias.

The parade started around 2:30 pm and it was fun, with all the bands marching and the motorbikers showing stunts. The fun and exciting thing was when celebrities was on the float waving to all of us.
Richard Gomez happily shaking hands to people, (of course he is running for senator) how plastic of him hmmmp.. Lat year when he was here on parade, before you can approach him his big bodyguard will be to get on your way but this time, he is the one approaching people hmmppp just to get our vote.. i will not vote for him naman eh lol.

Ian Veneracion is also there, gosh he is so cute ! Berwyn Meily is also there (tog. with GOma), Valerie Concepcion is cute and looks very friendly and there other starlets.

It was a fun parade, i will share photos once it is available.

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