Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Sunday Thoughts

It’s Sunday once again and what a great way to spend it by browsing online, watching TV, lazing around the house or even reading your fave book or magazine. Ooooppps and not to forget it’s always pleasant to eat. We just had dinner and now I am craving for a moist chocolate from Red Ribbon or the Silvannas from the Brownies store. I wish I can get up quickly to buy some but iI don't want to dress up again and head to the store. I have to stop my cravings because I will end up reading diet pill reviews in no time hehe. Ok then, I will just settle for some bananas right now and probably just drink coffee later tonight.

I'll be watching the Michael Jackson Special over at Channel 2 at around 10pm so for sure I'll be spending my night a little bit late. Another week will unfold in few more hours and more new days to look forward too. Have a great Sunday everyone!

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