Sunday, July 12, 2009

Little Cute Dress For Reign

I was recently been fond of my 6 yr.-old niece for she is becoming more cheeky (not in a bad way) and as a child growing up, she asks more questions than ever. If you answer it, another question will pop in her mind and that goes on and on. It’s not annoying because we can see that her mind is really full of curiosity about anything and that is good on her development. Anyway, been taking photos of her almost everyday since I promised that I will be making her a photo book that I have done for my other niece. She is quite excited about it.

Anyway, her mom is even buying her stuff lately like a nice pink dress and matching Hello Kitty shoes. I told my niece that we’ll be buying more especially if she’ll be good. I did my surfing online as usual and found some nice stuff for kids at Style Hive. Love this dress and I know Reign will look good on it. I think I need to find shoes that will go well with this blue dress.

I will not wonder anymore why parents especially moms have a knock on buying stuff for their kids, ahhhhhh how’d I wish I have my own little me for I know I will do the same.

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