Thursday, July 2, 2009

Half of the Year Has Passed...

I can’t really imagine its July already. The 1st half of the year has gone real fast and quite frankly there are so many things happened to most of us and the world. Just a quick recap, it was in January when I met with JennyV over at Galleria to give a gift from sis.

In February I got to meet my high school classmates because we had a motorcade for the upcoming anniversary of our alma mater. It was quite a surprise to see some o f my classmates who was back then so slim and pretty and now have ballooned so much. I could have joked them about weight loss supplements that they might consider but I don’t want to be tactless and insensitive. Anyway, it was all good times, remembering all our high school days and I this December if all things will turn out good we’ll all meet again.

April came and how can I forget the get together party of my online digi-scrapper and twitter friends in Makati? It was a riot and all of us had a grand time especially when Trin who came all the way from the US gave us gifts. The night never ended w/o telling our personal stories and more.

Still in April, I met my co-Litratong Pinoy members where we went at CCP Complex for the Aliwan Festival. The experience is quite enjoyable too. I never thought I’ll be able to meet my online friends in real life. I hope in the next half of the year loads of fun still awaits me.

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