Sunday, July 19, 2009

Traveling Can be Fun

Traveling is always fun because you get to learn new things about the place, meet people and learn about the country’s culture if you are flying overseas. If I had my way, I would love to go back in Sydney for another vacation but things became pretty busy for me and my sis so we just set it aside. A forthcoming trip to Hongkong this December is very much anticipated by me. I guess you might have had read some of my posts about it already. If money is not a problem I would love to travel around the world and explore the wonders of each nation. Too bad, that’s seems not feasible.

Anyway, talking about places to go to and US will not be off in my list for I have lots of relatives in there particularly in California and dreaming I can visit there someday too. I never tried applying for a visa though but maybe in the future. Who knows I might step on US soil too.How can anyone not also hope to visit the Big Apple and its surrounding suburbs? These days one can have a pleasurable travel eventhough you don’t own any car when you arrive there. There’s car NYC service that can accommodate you or even your whole family. Straight from the airport, car, van or a shuttle whichever you prefer and that will suit your travel needs.

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