Monday, July 13, 2009

Sightseeing Tours

I am already counting the days till our Hongkong trip, it’s only 6 more months to go and we are heading over there. It’s not only me that is excited but our whole family as well. Just the thought of the various rides in HK makes the kids more thrilled to go. It’ll be our very first time there so I know we’ll all have a blast. I am also thinking of the shopping spree that my sisters and I will do. I just need to save more so that I’ll have lots of pocket money.

Traveling with the family is always been great. It’s one of the ways to have bonding time and create memories together. One of our dream aside from going to HK Disneyland is going on one of the. I know it’ll be kinda expensive but we’ll not let go of that dream that we’ll be able to go there. With the New York Tour packages offered by different online travel agents like City Sights, I know we’ll have some good discounts especially if we get the family package. We just need to know our itinerary and plans our trips ahead. They have trips to to Boston, Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia & Amish Country plus not to forget the helicopter rides and the famous double-decker ride. There's more to see from the BIG APPLE.

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