Friday, July 17, 2009

Storm Isang is Here, No Classes

It's been raining since the start of the week, Storm Isang is here. Yesterday I got stranded on my way to my shop but fortunately it was not worst. My nephwe who also got stranded in Manila was whinging when he got home because he came home late at almost 11 pm because he there are only few public vehicles on the roads. Floods are everywhere so I can only imagine the massive traffic.

NCR all levels have no classes already today eventhough there is no storm signal yet. Due to floods in Manila, it's impossible and it'll be hard for students to commute. Other schools and universities have declared no classes already. Some students are rejoicing because they can skip class today, they didn't know they still need to pay for the day that they no classes.. LOL

Anyway, it's still gloomy today. Raining and cold. The weather bureau said Storm Isang will still be in the country till Saturday. It's lunch time already and good thing our lunch is hot Nilaga soup. Later peeps..

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