Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Heston Blumenthal's The Big Fat Duck Cookbook

Just finished dinner and I am full already. I just love how food fills me up and give me more energy but sometimes all I wanted was to laze around after each meal. Haha talking about being lazy, I have already forgotten to update my food blog for months now and I guess I need to revive it once again because I have another cook book that I found lately. In the meantime, I will just share it here.

A self confessed frustrated cook, I am always with admiration to chefs who has so much passion for cooking and ma
stered their craft with flying colors. I call them genuis bec.even with their eyes closed they can whisk up a recipe that who ever will taste it will enjoy. Another cookbook that every food lover must have is that of Heston Blumenthal's the big fat duck cookbook
which not only boasts of author’s recipes but Blumenthal’s impressive rise as a British chef.

His Fat Duck has been voted twice (2x) as one of the Best Restaurant in the World nominated by other top chefs. To make it more interesting his resto is the one who popularized snail porridge and bacon-and-egg ice cream. You can avail his book at the Book Shop
at a discounted price.

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