Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Giving me a Headache

Ohhh.. I just hate ranting on my blogs but I just can't help it. One blog of mine is currently not accessible for a week now because of a malicious code that was injected by the hacker on my WP host. A friend helped me along the way but still needed to clean some few things on the cpanel but my former host which is my nephew is not helpful these days. Arghhh.. I wish I know how to work and troubleshoot it so that I not bother anyone.

Transferred another domain to a new host today and not sure why the blog is showing at times but it's down most of the times. It's weird, really weird! I'm giving it another day for it to settle and I'm praying that it will so that my headache will be gone.

I'm not putting all the details of my problems with my blogs right now for I know all things will have a solution.

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