Monday, February 25, 2013

Coming Home Soon

Summer vacation is coming in no time and I heard that some of my relatives in the US are coming over for their vacation. I don't have the exact date of their arrival because I'm pretty much sure that they wanted it to be a surprise. All I know is that they wanted to come home in summer here where the kids are on vacation from their school already.

I'm pretty much excited to see them once again because it;s not yearly that they come home but between 5 or more years. Last year 2 of my cousins from father side arrived and I was the one who toured them around and it was great.  I heard  from one of my aunt that my cousin is coming and will be bringing some geo f trumper colognes and other products for the guys while Estee Lauder, Calvin Klein and of course the famous Victoria's secret for women as gifts. Aside from all the "pasalubongs" or gifts that they will be bringing, we're all very excited to see them for it's such a great opportunity to catch up with them and bond.

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  1. It's always exciting pag dumating yung mga relatives mo or kaibigan galing ibang bansa. You do wonder ano ng itsura nila or anong mga nangyari sa kanila.. :D


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