Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Local Artists' Controversies

Lately a lot of local artists are having a lot of controversies.. Nothing new with it I guess. They are on public eye and media is sometimes hyping up the issue so they will have more viewers or readers.

For many of us who loves to read and hear stories of celebs, it's always sad to know that some artists who have good image will be caught in a not so nice issues. People or their fans look up to them all the time and the mere fact that they are a public figure they should be careful in everything that they do. But, who can blame them anyone? They are humans and they commit mistakes too.

Another very intriguing and hot issue today is the alleged rape case filed by Deniece Cornejo to Vhong Navarro (actor/comedian). I am following the case as it unfolds and every now and then they are on the news. The evidences are very vital and those will help the case. I know that whoever is saying a lie will regret all the actions they have done.

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