Monday, November 23, 2009

Sis and Her Family's Holiday Vacation Here in Pinas Soon

Christmas is coming so fast and we are all giddy about it because my sis Joy in Sydney and her family is coming home for their Holiday after our HK visit in December as well. My sis Joy migrated there in 2000 and it's only her first time to be home for almost after a decade. For sure she has missed Pinas and I know she will adjust to the environment and the weather as well, her 2 kids most especially. I can't wait for her kids' reaction on our country and I hope they will not have a culture shock.

They will be experiencing Christmas in Phils. and for sure it'll be a far cry what they are used back in Sydney. We are all also excited to show them around, maybe have them experience riding the local jeepney and the I guess it will be a bit noisy for them here, since in their place was so peaceful and not much noise.

With their coming soon mom and I were all busy preparing the place that they are staying. Mom had it re-painted of sorts and asked our helper to fix doors and put beds on the bedroom. At our house mom also had repainted the steel gates and the garage was cleaned as well. I have yet to buy Christmas table mantle and cushion and probably look for patio cushions for added accent at the house.

We are all really excited to see them!! Few more days and they'll be here!

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