Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Dad's 20th Death Anniv.

Last Sunday (Oct. 11th) was the 20th Death Anniversary of my dad and thinking back the day when his company called to tell what happened to him made me wish that it has never ever, ever, ever happened. It was such a miserable time for our family that time but 2 decades had past of course we have recovered.

Mom lighted a candle at the altar in the house as we weren’t able to go to the cemetery. We heard mass that was dedicated to home and we all just had a simple Sunday lunch. To make it a little bit special I cooked a chicken dish that they all liked. it's always nice to cook meal for the family most especially when they appreciate your cooking. I also wanted to own a stainless steel tiles backsplashes in our kitchen to make cooking and working in the kitchen more pleasurable.

Anyway, I hope wherever my dad is, I hope he is in peace. Miss him dearly.

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