Monday, October 12, 2009

The Twins Are Here!!!

My cousin Loida dropped his little son Ricen at our place last Saturday for she will hurriedly go to the hospital because her sister in law is in labor already. I texted her that night to ask if her SIL already gave birth and she said not yet and she was told maybe on the next day. True enough, the twins came just yesterday (Oct. 11). I texted my cousin and ask what’s the gender of the twins and she said they are both girls. We are a bit disappointed because we thought all along that it will be a boy and a girl. Nevertheless we are happy that Glenda had a safe labor and the twins are finally here. Now they have 3 kids... ALL girls.

I can’t wait to visit the babies; I am actually excited because it’s a twins as we never had twins on our side of the family. My cousin jokingly said that the babies have fair complexion far away from his brother’s dark skin I am sure this December or so they will have the baby baptized in church so I might look for a gift this early. I remember the site where I found some nice baby beddings and it's at Baby Bedding Place. It’s actually a 12-pc set and that includes quilt, window valances, decorative pillows, fitted sheet, a skirt, bumper, toy organizer, and more. What makes it nicer to give is that it made out of real cotton.

Anyway, the twins are great addition as they will add more joy and meaning to to the family.

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