Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Finally Sen. Noynoy Aquino for President in 2010

It was early this morning when I was watching on TV when finally Sen. Noynoy Aquino declared and announced that is running for President in 2010. All are waiting for this announcement and now the accepted the challenge we have all high hopes that he'll veer away from the traditional ways of being a President.

His supporters are all so happy with his decision and hope he will not disappoint us. I reckon that his decision is based on the great clamor of the people to have new "honest" government and I hope that he is not only being swayed upon by the popularity of his parents.

I am not sure yet if I will vote for him because it is still too early to decide,I still need to know more about his flatform as well as the other candidates. In fact, it's not filing of candidacy yet. We'll see who will run 1st.

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