Saturday, November 14, 2009

Giving Myself some Birthday Gifts

I had lots of fun shopping alone last Nov. 6 because I was able to buy lots of things for myself since it's my birthday on Monday (16th) yahooo!! I love bags so I end up purchasing 3 bags. I just love the Nine West bag that I will be using when I go out to church malls etc and the other 2 will be an everyday bag when I go to my store.

I really saved up for these eventhough it was not complete, I still have to buy a wedge shoes. Yearly I treat myself with gifts. Last year I gave myself a Canon 18-200mm lens and a 6million Crumpler bag and this year no camera gadget for a while although I bought a lens blower to keep the dirt away.

I still want to shop and I'm itching once again!!! I love when birthday comes!

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