Friday, December 4, 2009

Meeting with Former HS classmates

My former highschool classmates and I get together at our highschool campus last weekend. We are having our grand silver reunion this coming 19th and we are having a meeting for some last minute details. I also gave the invitations that I made so that it will be given to our former teachers and some guests.

Ellen asked us to have a small dance presentation but with the little time that we have right now, I think it is impossible to do it but maybe some of our classmates have already some surprise presentation to be done. After the meeting we decided to stroll around the town for there are lots of tiangges (mini-bazaar) that has some sale because it was the town's fiesta as well. After that we stooped stop by a fast food joint for a quick snack but later on one of our classmate invited
had coffee @ Figaro at Sta. Lucia
The night is filled with laughter and chitchats and I always see to it that I will join the meeting to have some fun and meet them as well. The next meeting will be on the 12th and the grand reunion will be on the 19th. Hoping to see more classmates by then. I'm excited.

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