Thursday, November 5, 2009

Visiting My Dad's Tomb

Like most other families, we went to the cemetery last Sunday to visit my dad's tomb. I made the flower arrangements as mom instructed to me. We also brought lots of foods like spaghetti, catbonara, hamburgers, and some junk foods.
At 2 pm when we reached the cemetery and no more vehicles are allowed near the cemetery so we parked our van and just walk. Eventhough it's hot and humid there are still lots of families gathering around. It was like a huge picnic ground hehe.

All we did was eat and eat. The kids had a grand time playing with the candle drippings forming them into balls. We also brought each of our DLSR and digi cams so we had fun goofing around but of course we never failed to say a prayer for my dad. My teenage nieces had the blast posing as well.
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(Me with some of my nephews and nieces goofing around)

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