Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Medical Visuals

It was a surprise when I spoke to a highschool classmate few months ago on the phone. Actually I only tried her no. and see if it is still working, lucky enough I was able to speak to her for so many years. I contacted her bec. we are going to have our High School Silver anniv. (25th) this December. I remember Sol well bec. she is my seatmate in 2nd year highschool. We briefly shared things about our life and she told me that she is a SAHM now bec. she resigned from work after being diagnosed with a Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

She uses or types in the computer all day long and so that must be the reason whey she had that. That reminds me that I should be more careful not to damage my wrist for it will lead to that ailment. I’m also using my pc 24/7 so I’d hate it if I will injure my wrist at any point.
Curious enough with the condition that she has, I later found out that actually it is idiopathic where the cause is really unknown though severe damage to the wrist due to repetitive works will contribute to that.

These days, medical experts have an easier way to explain to their patients about their ailments through visual representations; just like this Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Illustration and other medical visual aids made by MediVisuals. Their designs and can also be helpful to medical professionals in guiding and showing them to their patients or during their speech or lectures.

Further more, I have come to know that these visual aids are more used for medical malpractice and personal injury court cases thus providing more precise and illustrative arguments. MediVisuals can be a great source for any medical legal illustrations if you need one.
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