Thursday, September 17, 2009


I always hate this time of the month when I am just so sluggish and difficult. Arggghh I don't like this feeling as I have many "sungit" moments. I am also unproductive today because I am feeling uncomfortable, I feel bloated and this is the time that I want to lose belly fat in an instant. Eventhough I am slow and it seems like my mind is not properly working, I need to get moving or else I will be stuck. Oh well I know this will surpass in few more days so please bear with me.

I am just hoping that you are all having a wonderful Thursday.!

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  1. Hey Jen,
    Sorry to hear about your little problem :(
    I think we all have those bad days, and i hope you feel better soon. Although maybe I can cheer you up with my blog. Its got a ton on information my advice & opinion on how to combat belly fat. I think this is enough to turn that frown up side down :) click here to visit my blog


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