Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Need for Faster Internet Connection

The rain just poured so viciously yesterday afternoon like it was a doomsday. I was a little worried that the electric power might go off because the lights are flickerin’ in from time to time. Aside from the gusty wind and the heavy rains there’s a thunderstorm for a moment that scared my little niece away that she had to cover her ears and run to her mom as fast as she could. So lucky that the light didn’t went off but it was horrible because after few minutes the rain subsides my internet connection suddenly was gone. What a bummer!

I was dialing my Internet service provider to complain about it but unfortunately my call can’t get through either. What an unfortunate day! One hour passed and there’s no net connection still so I was kinda piqued already because my net cafĂ© customers are coming but I have to tell them that I have no connection. It’s sad to see them go and lose profit for that day but there are things that's beyond our control. Without a net connection last night I was forced to close my shop very early at 6 pm and just went to a friend's house.

Wish I have a better ISP with much faster connection as well. 

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