Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Bes' a WAHM Now

My bestfriend Race and I were talking about our lives and that includes our health most of the times. She recently quits her 9-5 job of over 6years and now she is a WAHM and she's been more busier as I have noticed. She frequents her daughters and son's school for activities and even though it will be tiring for her, the joy is incomparable since she was able to give more time to her growing kids.

I could not see any resentment on her when she quits her job but more happiness as she was able have her own time for work, wife and mommy duties. Her love for cooking also surfaced again and her kids are loving it. It is also a reason why she's been putting up a little more weight and I told her that she needs to keep in control or else she might end up reading best weight loss pills reviews hehe. I even teased her that when we were in highschool her waistline is only 24" and now it has increased.

Right now, I know my bestfriend is enjoying her WAHM title as she can get the best of both worlds (work and family).

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