Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sis Finally Moved

Their new place
I was able to chat with my sister and her kids in Sydney last weekend and we are glad that they are quite settled on their new place. Actually they sold their house a couple of months ago because they will be building their dream house soon. The house was sold already but she’s a bit sad about it since they lived there for almost 10 years and that is where they started their family.

They are now at a 2-storey apartment where they will stay temporarily until they got their new house. Sis told me that she is not finished with the unpacking yet, most of their stuff are still in the boxes and it’s overwhelming for her to do all the work.

I saw the kids on the cam too and was able to talk to them as well. It’s almost the start of summer there but I noticed that they are still wearing their long sleeves. The weather there is crazy, right now there are times it is too cold but they don’t need any electric blanket and then suddenly it’ll be hot. The climate change must be the cause of this.

We are just happy to know that they have finally moved.

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