Saturday, August 14, 2010

Broken Camera

Oh no, not now! My point and shoot camera is not working anymore. :(

It was 2 days ago when it's lens is having an error. Evrytime I open the camera it gives a squeaky sound and it must be due to the lens that won't zoom in and out. Not sure if I wanted to have it fix since the Canon service center is not near in our place. I need to have extra time just to go there and of course it will incur some expenses.

Good thing is that I still have my Canon DLSR with me so I can still take photos. I'm just using that point and shoot for everyday shooting and when I go out. Now I don't have a portable camera that I can bring anywhere. I guess I need to buy a new one but, right now I don't want to shell out some money for it.

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