Monday, April 26, 2010

Severe Migraine

Last Sunday, what suppose to be a relaxing day turned into a bad afternoon till evening for me. It was right about lunch when I felt a little bit sluggish and uncomfortable due to severe heat due to our weather. I took a quick nap on my computer chair to relieve what I'm feeling.

Still hot and humid, I went straight to the grocery where I was exposed to sudden cold when I arrived. Maybe my body didn't cope with the weather change so when I got home, my headache became severe and its migraine already bec. of the throbbing pain.

Around 11pm it became severe but I have no medicine on stock so I wasn;t able to drink any. I went to sleep but from time to time I was awake bec. of the pain. I moan bec. of the pain and almost cried because of it. Monday morning I woke up still with heavy head but getting fine, I took medicine already so I was relieved. Thank goodness I recovered so I was able to work yesterday.

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