Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ready For Upgrade?

Everytime I see some new vehicles like Ford Escapeon the streets, most of the times I’m secretly wishing that we can have them as well. It’s no surprise as well that my older brother is keen on vehicles like other guys and I think it grew on him when he used to buy and sell cars together with my dad in the 80’s when he was still alive.

Now, my brother constantly never fails to tease or joke me or my mom to buy another vehicle when he sees a model that he likes. To make him stop, I always say that if I’ll win the lottery then I’ll buy all the cars that my heart will desire and that is all brand new.

With little budget on our hand, we just purchased a second hand white Toyota Lite Ace van last Sept. and so far so good it’s working and serving us in almost admirable condition. We’ve been alternating use our Lite Ace and our other vehicle which is Toyota Tamaraw. Who knows in the future we’ll have a land rover as added vehicle but for now we are happy with what we have and an upgrade is kinda vague.

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