Friday, April 9, 2010

Photohunt: SWEET Red Ribbon's Chocolate Marjolaine Cake

I've been craving for cakes for a while now so when when I went out this afternoon to buy medicines for my mom at mercury drug near our house, I decided to stop by Red Ribbon Bakeshop. I have no idea what I want to buy but I picked this Red Ribbon's Chocolate Marjolaine Cake.

I already tasted this before and I so love it. I don't fancy pure chocolate so opted for this one. It has layers of choco and cream inside (resembles like a tiramisu) and it has nuts and shaves of chocolates on the side.
What I like about this cake is that it is not too sweet unlike other cakes. I also don't feel guilty eating it after. Thank goodness I also don;t need thermogenic fat burner after eating this mouth-watering cake from Red Ribbon. I'm sure I'll be buying this cake in the future if we have occasions or just like today when my cravings for some sweet is just intense.

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  1. Red Ribbon's Chocolate Marjolaine Cake is my favorite too.... it taste so great :)


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