Friday, April 9, 2010

Sickie Mom

Mom's bp shoot up again this morning and we are worried once again. She already wants to be confined and check up by her doctor already so we thought of going to the hospital. I monitor her bp every now and then and my brother told her to get up and walk and get a bath to be refreshed. I took her bp few minutes ago and fortunately it's lowering already.

We are going to her doctor for checkup but we are also prepared just in case the doctor asked her to be confined in the hospital. Her things are packed already including her towels, tissue, alcohol and clothes. I myself also will be bringing some stuff and how's I wish I have one of those ipods so that I'll be not bored while waiting in the hospital just in case.

I'm just wishing that mom will get well soon for I know she hates being sick too.

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