Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wow It is so HOT!!

Goodness me, these couple of days, you can't blame us for whining over the extreme weather that we are experiencing here because temperature ranges from 34-36C coupled with high humidity. It's hot, hot hot summer days and PAG_ASA our weather bureau already announced that hotter days (40C) are still coming (WHAT???) and still continue until June. Wow that is too much!

The El Nino is making it even worst so people are advised to keep cool at all times. Animals are not spared as well, as many are suffering from heat stroke too.

People are getting sick as well like my mom. We rushed her this morning at the hospital because her blood pressure was too high and she complains that she is so dizzy and she can't see anything. Thank God she is quite ok now after the doctor gave her medicines.

Right now, I also have colds and hopefully it will go away and it will not turn into more serious illness.

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