Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Back To Digi-Scrapping

Just in case you didn't know I'm into digital scrapbooking and digital photography and these are my recent hobbies. I started to love photography long before while I learn to love digital scrapbooking in 2007. I bought my DSLR as a b-day gift to myself in Nov. 2008 and I'm glad that photography and scrapbooking goes well together since you need to have photos to scrap.

Anyway, I was so inspired to digi-scrap last weekend and up to now my mojo is still flowing. It was last Sunday when I even stayed up so late up until 1 am just to digi-scrap and browse online galleries. Fortunately my staying up late didn't cause me any acne or else I have no option but to find an adult acne treatment for that. I guess I'm still going to whip up a layout or two tonight before I go to bed.

I'm still itching to scrap photos that I have collected since late last year and I know it'll be nice to scrap them and have it printed at Artscow.

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