Thursday, April 22, 2010

Work Schedule

Recently, I decided to change my work schedule so that I will be more productive. I now work at home about 3x a week and only at mornings every Tues or Thurs.. I still have my net cafe running but since my SIL is not in her office she is the one managing it so I can work at home.

I noticed that with that schedule I became more focused and can do lots of tasks while at home compared to when I'm at the cafe where it is a bit noisy and too many distractions. I hope I can continue with that sched for a long time though, that is if my SIL will cooperate hehe.

Working at home makes me do some house chores as well and I can also cook meals that I wanted to eat though cooking eats my working hours too. At least, I'm busy and active at least getting herbal diet supplements is not on my mind but I do need to drink my Fern-C multivitamins though. Anyway, I'm happy with my current work set-up.

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