Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Smart Bro Internet >> Not Smart Anymore

Sorry I will rant once again..

I just can't help not to hide my frustration over my SMART Bro internet connection at our house for almost 3 weeks of on and off connection. It's making me furious already because I can't work properly whenever I'm at home!

My dilemma started last March 28 (yes before HOLY WEEK), I called their technical support and it didn't help me bec. still no net connection at that time eventhough I connected the cable straight to my laptop. Days passed and still no service, I called again. This time few hours I used the net. The whole Holy Week, I got no net.. pasalamat sila Holy Week yon at least medyo hindi rin ako nagbabad sa net.

I think April 4, someone from Smart called me and again we did troubleshooting.. no net when connected on the router and it's working when directly connected again. I'm getting pissed, they told me to wait for 24 hours for the connection to stabilize.. Thank God I used it for about a day or so.. but......

Just the other night, I got no connection again and up to now!! What's going on with your service Smart Bro!!!! I want a rebate and my net connection back. It's so much hassle!!


  1. May mga lugar talaga na mabagal ang Smart Bro at meron namang mabilis lalo na kapag konti lang ang nag-share sa iisang cellsite. Pero kahit mabagal ang download connection ko dito sa Muzon, San Jose del Monte, Bulacan, pinagtiyagaan ko na lang. Nakakatulong ang Google Chrome na mapabilis ng konti ang download at upload ng mga files at webpages.

  2. Tagal na pala ang ganitong problema ng smart(smart pa din ba connection mo?). Ganyan din ang problema ko. Been calling them every week for 4 weeks and like you, our conversation would end up with the usual generate a report and wait 24 hours. Difference is, mine is the power plug it broadband modem. Using their USB modem gives me on-off connection, but using my phome with the smartbro sim ay continuous and connection ko. Salamat na lang at nakahanap ako ng alternative yun nga lang di ko magamit ang more than 1mbps na speed. Hanggang 900kbps lang.


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