Thursday, January 14, 2010

Our Hongkong Trip: Day 2 Hongkong Disneyland

Ok I need to post this now or else I will forget it already. Our Hongkong Trip: Day 2 is at Hongkong Disneyland Dec. 22, 2009. This is our very 1st time to be a this theme park and we have longed to be here long time ago.

We woke up a bit late bec. we got home from our Day 1 trip very late already. We reached Disneyland around 10:30 am and fortunately it was not that cold unlike the 1st day. We 1st had our pictures taken after getting inside and soon after that we rode the train inside Disney. My nephew then made a schedule on where we are going next because there are lots of places to go to.

My nephews and nieces could not contain their excitement riding all the rides and fortunately my youngest nephew's allergy didn't surface anymore unlike the 1st day. Fortunately we got some creams for him to use, how much more if it is an eczema for sure his dad will have a hard time finding an eczema treatment inside Disney. Argghh that would be a kill joy for sure.

Things we did inside at Disneyland:
1. Had photo taken with Minnie, Goofy and Pooh, too bad we didn't have photo with Mickey bec. lines are too long.
2. Went inside "It's a small world" ! It's awesome inside! You can even see a "bahay kubo" and a Filipino Christmas greeting.
3. Watch Golden Mickey in theater
4. Went on a jungle river cruise, Tarzan's tree house etc.
5. Watch the parade, and the fire works at 9 pm and lots lots more!!!

Here are some photos:

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