Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm Sick!

Oh my, I am sick since last night but I need to go online to check on my mails and do some works. I was chilling and had a bad cold with congested nose with fever. I need to get up every now and them from my bed to go to the bathroom and wash my hot face.

I then took my cold medicine and put a cold towel on my forehead to lessen the heat on my body. It's been ages since I got sick so I guess my body really can't take the virus that I got so I was down. At least I'm not worrying about how to get rid of wrinkles on my face but being sick is really hard most especially if you need to work.

I took some naps this morning and took med again and now, I'm feeling a lot better. I just need to drown myself with water to flash out all the toxins in my body and to be up and kickin' again tomorrow.

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  1. try to find time to have a thorough check up. remember that health is wealth! :)


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