Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another Travel/Vacation in my Mind

I’m still on cloud 9 everytime I think about our vacation in Hongkong last December. Eventhough it’s only a short trip and it’s quite tiring, nothing will replace the excitement, the bonding times and the memories it has given to us. It’s our 1st family (15 people) trip outside of the country so that makes it more memorable. We have been planning it for years now but due to work/school schedules and some family members still coming from overseas it’s a bit hard for us to make our sched jive, so when we saw the opportunity last year, I immediately purchased our tickets.

We are also planning another family trip and this time in Singapore bec. my sister has a good friend there that will accommodate us in their house. That for sure will save us more cuz we don’t have to book on a hotel. I hope that will push through if not this year maybe next year. 

Right now, a local trip is on my mind. A Bohol trip maybe? We’ll see….. I just can’t wait to pack my bags and fly again.

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